Mitchell Road Zoo

What do you think these creatures have in common?

collage zoo
Clockwise from top left: Cockraoch, Golden Mole, Rain Spider, Bibron’s Blind Snake

These are all critters that we’ve encountered at our house in the past couple of months!   Continue reading Mitchell Road Zoo




This is one of my favourite quotes, by a guy called Bob Bitchin.  Now, I don’t have a clue who Bob is, but he managed to make me consider this a lot more, especially over the past two years.  As you may know, I have never shied away from adventure.  And this has often come in various shapes and forms.  Uprooting from Pretoria and moving to Swaziland may be considered just one of the adventures I have had the amazing opportunity to embark on, and it has provided its fair share of sub-adventures over the past two years!

But coming back to Bob’s quote, it is something that I have tried to apply in my own life, as I feel that it also draws a Biblical parallel to the perspective we choose to filter situations in our lives through – our own, or God’s.  Case and point: car trouble just over a week ago. Continue reading Adventure

Where The Wild (Horses) Are

Some of you will be familiar with the fact that we do not have a supermarket in Bulembu.  As such, the brave (see “those with an SUV/similar vehicle) venture onto the dirt road to Piggs Peak or beyond into other towns in Swaziland to do grocery shopping.  For others (current company included) grocery shopping means an excursion into South Africa for some necessities… Continue reading Where The Wild (Horses) Are

EEK…uhm…Adventure :)

*DISCLAIMER: Not for sensitive, insect-loving individuals* 😉

You know you live in a village in Swaziland when…a cockroach dashes across your desk as you are mid-sentence in a response email to a team! Continue reading EEK…uhm…Adventure 🙂


Nostalgia can be defined as “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past”. (Google).

Today I am feeling particularly nostalgic. As I attempt to consider the fullness of what the Lord has blessed me with over the past 8 months, I can but stand back and drop my jaw. Continue reading Nostalgia



Reasons that I love my job #1,000,001: Dealing with people who are as passionate about Bulembu as we are, who go to great lengths to help out and make a difference, and who are simply cool like that!

But now this certainly takes “dedication to the cause” to a whole new level! This is the tattoo of a visiting team member in town at the moment, incorporating the Bulembu logo and the word “Faith”. It goes right around his arm, and is certainly no small statement. Love it!

(Thank you for allowing me to post this, Ben!)



This morning I once again had the awesome opportunity to visit our Babyhome here in Bulembu, with a friend.  We went to take some photos of some the new team’s members spending some time with the littlies.  I was on the floor, and having a hard time taking a nice shot of the two team members with the children, as some of the children were of course more interested in die cool gadget I was holding! 🙂  So I put the camera behind my back and decided to just enjoy the kids.  Then the one little girl sitting with me grabbed a hold of my finger.  Something nudged me to get hold of the camera and take this shot, not quite able yet to verbalise the significance in that moment.  But as I was editing the photo back at the office, I decided to make it my Facebook cover page.  And as I uploaded the photo, the words I did not have this morning, made their way to my heart and mind.  My hope is that you will read them and take some time this week to allow yourself to be surprised by the simple joy of being a child, and that you will realise that it is not a weakness but a remarkable strength to believe like those we overshadow in physical size but who overshadow us in grasping the fullness of living in joy and hope:

“There is a certain Hope that stirs in one’s soul, for the redemption of mankind, when one is able to allow the  uncensored joy and limitless potential of a child to pierce through that which we deem to be the status quo…even if just for a second.”